Web Development

From $120

Today Web Development are one of the important things in business. A website is most effective instrument for marketing, sales income and etc. 

Also today business without website looks like a man without face.  It does not matter whether landing is or simple basic, a quality website is important business instrument.

Price of the Web Development starts from $120. The cost are determined by the complexity of the Web Development itself. But the final price is set only after a full discussion of all the details of the Web Development and the system with the customer.

Price includes:

  • - Discussion of all issues with you and creating technical task
  • - If it is needed, buying all paid elements for website (modules, non-free templates, etc.)
  • - Developer's work
  • - Presentation to you the beta version of the website
  • - Creating new technical task after presentation of the beta version
  • - Finishing, debugging
  • - Complete!